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A Circus Mind Playlist

phantogram – don’t move

One of the best things I ever heard, “It’s very funny to be a frog.” On a Friday evening on the Four Seasons lawn breathing in the breeze, talking about rsvp’s, the lines, the two weeks in March, the interactive, the bicycles, the secret shows, the Four Seasons, Mohawk, Emos, the lines, is there a ticket, no ticket, no ticket, no ticket, there’s a ticket, to Buenos Aires sparkling bubbles, and olives and cheese, back through the night and over the river, listening to the mix tape of a mix tape while talking about a New York mix tape and we stumble upon the gripping beat and DON’T MOVE! I love the beat that drops at the 2 minute mark. I found myself rewinding and fast forwarding to that mark for a 20 minute run last night. Beautiful. Thanks Sarah!

A Circus Mind Playlist

theophilus london featuring devonte hynes and solange knowles – flying overseas

A full deep breath has been taken after the SXSW mayhem two weeks ago, as the weather took a cool dip this morning, we take a cool dip with Theophilus London in Flying Overseas. It is also a nice segue into the reflections that occupy my mind as I prepare to take a dip in South America to the Paris of the South for a 10 day run in Buenos Aires. Enjoy the dip!

Flying Overseas

A Circus Mind PlaylistSXSW 2011

futurebirds – via flamina

Everything that was great about SXSW can be found in the ebb and flow of the Futurebirds Ski Chalet. Drinkin whiskey out of plastic bottles, chasing it with Lonestar, the sun fading behind me over downtown Austin, the Futurebirds sound like the drench of Neil Young’s heart and the South’s soul. This Last Dance closed down my SXSW with an awfully big grin.

Their new album Via Flamina will be released April 1.

A Circus Mind Playlist

the vaccines – what did you expect from the vaccines?

One of my favorite bands that I saw this SXSW was The Vaccines. These Londoner’s were one of this years buzz bands in Austin. They have a Ramone’s sound with a little less grit and a little more tea and crumpet sensibility, tons of energy, and strong melodies. Check out a couple of tracks.

If you Wanna

Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

A Circus MindSXSW 2011

the cave singers – no witch

Seattle fellas The Cave Singers heat up the hypnotic rhythms today at Red 7 for the Jagjaguwar Showcase, tomorrow they bump over to San Jose for a touch of SX San Jose and then across the street to Homeslice to entertain the good people as they snack on some of Austin’s finest pies. Their latest album No Witch was released Feb. 22nd, its got some heart and soul. Diggin Blackleaf!!

A Circus Mind PlaylistSXSW 2011

the strokes – angles

“Angles,” due out March 22, is the Strokes’ fourth album, and their first since 2006 makes me want to douse myself in leather and step in to a Ray Ban ad, if only I was that cool. I guess I will have to settle for second best and catch them under the Austin stars at Auditorium Shores March 17th during SX and then blasting through the speakers of Barbarella under a flurry of shots, darkness, sweat, and half open eyes… See ya on the dance floor!

Machu Picchu