One of the best things I ever heard, “It’s very funny to be a frog.” On a Friday evening on the Four Seasons lawn breathing in the breeze, talking about rsvp’s, the lines, the two weeks in March, the interactive, the bicycles, the secret shows, the Four Seasons, Mohawk, Emos, the lines, is there a ticket, no ticket, no ticket, no ticket, there’s a ticket, to Buenos Aires sparkling bubbles, and olives and cheese, back through the night and over the river, listening to the mix tape of a mix tape while talking about a New York mix tape and we stumble upon the gripping beat and DON’T MOVE! I love the beat that drops at the 2 minute mark. I found myself rewinding and fast forwarding to that mark for a 20 minute run last night. Beautiful. Thanks Sarah!


Posted by ryanwcox

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