With the remaster of The Stones Some Girls, I thought I would play a cut from the album with that Stones country twist and Bakersfield slide and all that Gram Parson kicked attitude and spit and country road wonder that makes you feel the bumps on the coutry lane and smell the dust in your nose on the road to the only stop light drugstore dime store country breakfast milkshake heartbreak. I have been watching the video dreaming about seeing The Stones in some 77 studio and thinking about those London boys wanting to be California cowboys and diggin Ronnie in those red pants and white boots and white butterfly collar caressing the pedal steel, Bill leaned up against the speaker with a wry smile and Keith in pink pants dreaming about his far away Strat and Charlie dead panned as ever while Mick tickled the ivories and thinking…. Cool!


Posted by ryanwcox

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