In the eleventh semitone of the Western chromatic scale
I was created through the vibrating tubes in columns of air
Under the confessions of the Flushing professor’s lessons
A school boy crush brushed by the dust of Serchlite sessions

Etched in shared mother’s and father’s were pioneer brothers
A Bronx stomp equivalent of the birth of Sir Edward Elgar’s
The disease in rivalries, in project poverty, plaguing the inner city
Contemplating the self in me, in the pain and pleasure of my inner rivalry

With rhetorical dexterity, I eye life, and the culture with lyrical clarity
Under four stressed beats reside the curled concrete of my delivery
While I reside in minimal style, I held the corner and cops on trial
And elevated tracks run, as I am, the flood of fruit meant to multiply

In a series of letters to my incarcerated friends paying debts for their sins
I’ll write the means as pure as the ends but trouble still turns in your absence
In materialistic excess, I held my pen material witness to my tongue’s quickness
I’ll write It Was Written and in, wise dreams I succeed, in commercial success

Perpendicular bars, cardinal points, hip hop stars, and the fate of Jesus employed
The bubbles and cork pop worked against the top and green glass destroyed
Cigarette mascot I named dropped under my breath, stamped on wax the kiss of death
The personification of sky, space, and heaven, translated breath in the battle’s myth – Ryan Cox

Nas – Represent


Posted by ryanwcox

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