I love Bob Dylan and since it’s his birthday, he gets two posts today. This is taken from my book A Circus Mind and makes reference to 1965’s Highway 61 Revisited and rock’s first significant double album Blonde on Blonde. Rambunctious blues rock and powerful poetry fill both albums head to toe. Enjoy some Rainy Day Women 12 & 35!

Dylan 1965 – 1966 – A Circus Mind

“I followed the blues highway, crossroads, soul sold devil
Where electric expressions excited the girls in yellow
In the ripples and flow of the Cumberland River
The marijuana martyr was surrounded by shouting and laughter

I expanded, I’m converting the vibrations of steel strings
But baby, I promise it wasn’t you I was abandoning
But you turned on me faster than the Queen of Hearts
The work is done, the floor is clean, and I’m leaving this old farm

Like smoke through a key hole, I passed you by
And now I’m laughing at the reflection of Judas in your eyes
So now your on your own, standing all alone
Self absorbed in your bleeding heart shaped throne” – Ryan Cox


Posted by ryanwcox

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