This song evokes such a great sense of calm and ease and the steady reminder that most of the time it is quite necessary to “get out of here.” With work steadily behind me, my passport and fake mustache ready to roll, conscience clear and ready to explore, I depart for Buenos Aires tomorrow with my eyes set on discovery whether it be Hunter S. Thompson style or Cat Stevens, it doesn’t matter much, just ready to breathe the city into my lungs! With that I leave you with the most laid back brother on the planet JJ Cale preaching about getting out of Dodge.

JJ Cale – Let’s Go to Tahiti

Well the man been working in the shop all year
He said “Men, we’ve got to get out of here”
Well the girl been working in the five-and-dime
She says, “Girls, let’s go while we’ve still got the time”


Posted by ryanwcox

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