Like many of you I am sure, the recent release of Radiohead’s new album The King of Limbs, has resparked my ongoing love affair with the band, engaged me in countless conversations about the new album, past albums, and the secret hope that this release is just the first half of what will be another release soon to follow with more new material. My San Francisco compadre and I are speculating the release of more material based on the fact that they are selling a double album on their website, of which more music is sure to accompany the short 40ish minutes that is Limbs. When In Rainbows came out I listened to it relentlessly in the car, at 4am there but not there, on Sunday morning, and finding myself late for work because I didn’t want to leave the car until the next In Rainbows track played through. I find myself in the same state of hypnosis with Limbs. Here’s a look back…

Jigsaw Falling into Place


Posted by ryanwcox

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