Before lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980, Joy Division was on their way as an emerging post-punk band. Joy Division has a Velvety Underground feel with the familiar Lou Reed drones found on I’m Waiting for the Man and Heroin. To take on just a little more cheeriness the band named themselves Joy Division after a Nazi military prostitute compound, but punk ain’t roses.

Joy Division – A Circus Mind

Optimum living from the pleasure I’m giving
I’m separating happy emotions, half smiling
Without control, I’ll transmit on the radio
Without command, I’ll cease what I know

Youth serves the leader, blond blue drummer
Black and white picture drawn for the cover
I will explore sensations in empty spaces
Outside and inside with colors trading places

Uneven, unplanned, by my bare hands
Our love was torn by our heart’s demands
The crisis in my mind ended in disorder
Suicidal demise resulted in new order – Ryan Cox

Love Will Tear us Apart

I’m Waiting for the Man


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