The first entry into the book, A Circus Mind, is titled “Pete Townshend.” Pete Townshend is the primary songwriter and lead guitarist for The Who, having written well over one hundred songs for the band’s eleven studio albums, including concept albums and the rock operas Tommy and Quadrophenia, plus popular rock and roll radio staples like Who’s Next. Below is the writing. I will explain the meaning of it in the posts to come.

Pete Townshend

Around your neck I’ll wrap my hands
Smashing to pieces your musical demands
Electronics can’t escape my destructive taste
While shattered sounds scattered, lay dying center stage
From my shoulder I will deliver from my center, images iconic forever
As I hold my hand with complete command, in the air the images linger
Without vision, sound, or tongue, through a mirror murder I came undone
I’m seeking redemption; I’m basking in the Brighton Beach sun
Driving through central London the Queen Mum I offended
Old and gray you can’t understand what I say, you just don’t get it
Losing my ears amongst the cheers in the valley of London
I’ll hang my fears and lend my ears to the father of compassion


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